Our environment: our thoughts/emotions (mind,) our food, or our physical location on the planet has effects on our physical and light bodies.  Today we are living in a world filled with an invisible toxic vibration called electromagnetic frequencies or WIFI, which can influence the health of our physical and etheric bodies.  Each household appliance, television set, cell phone, microwave oven is sending out these vibrations. 

The relationship between the body, emotions, mind, spirit, environment and planet are important factors in our health and well being that many of us don't consider day to day until an imbalance occurs and we are forced to stop and heal.

I use many vibrational modalities to assist in clearing and rebalancing the body.  I do Sound Healing with a beautiful drum from Peru crafted from agave root, also Crystal Tones Quartz Sound Bowls infused with Iron, Moldavite and Pelladium and a Tibetan bowl forged on the full moon in ceremony.  Each of these bowls have a particular pitch/note for different systems in the physical and light body.  When in treatment I'm guided to use Tuning forks and Crystals on the body in specific points to amplify these clearings.  My first tool for vibrational healing was a wind pipe made in India with the frequency of .528hz, the vibration of Love.  I noticed when I first started using this humble instrument over clients that it's Alpha Beta Theta Waves sent my clients into a deep relaxation like nothing before.  This was sent me into the exploration of Sound Healing.

In 2002 before being hired as an Esthetician I was certified as a massage therapist.  I trained under a Shiatsu Master and he taught me how to pin point blockages in the body and clear them.  13 years ago I had the immense honor of seeing Dr. Masu Emoto speak.  I was working at a spa doing facials when it occurred to me that I could apply his principles to my client to heal them.  This is where I first learned about the magnitude of energy work.  I had clients grab my arm and look at me and say they felt altered after treatment.  They would cry, as something was released.  I knew my work was helping these people heal some part of their physical or energetic body and that is what really lead me to dive deeper into this work.  11 years ago I was introduced to HeartMath and started using coherence, a frequency that radiates from the heart and balances the sympathetic nervous system.   Five years ago I got Reiki certified and this year completed a Peruvian Cosmology with Juan Del Prado initiating into the Fourth Level Hatun Karpay traditions.  I recently was honored to work with Crystal Resonance Guru Naisha Ashian in Sedona and learned Primus State, a meditation and healing modality to balance the nervous system.  Most recent I received a certification through the Crystal Academy of Healing Arts in Kauai with the lineage of Katrina Raphaell's teaching of the ancient art of Laying on Stones.  Using small crystals and stones placed over our chakras and in the aura, facilitating with intuiton and guidance to assist clients in bringing the light into densities held in the body.  Advance layouts are considered Soul Journeys and chakra balancing and aura clearings are simple layouts.

The most profound vibrational healing modality came to me in meditation.  I was holding a quartz and began to feel it pulsating so much I was pulled out of mediation by the Kinesthetic sensation.  I realized this was clearing the channels of energy in my hands to I began to explore more.  As I began to use this modality on clients my hands began to feel the channels of energy clear as I worked on them and I was receiving knowledge where to work on the body, my attention would go to areas of blocked or stored energy, an innate knowing so to speak.   Working with crystals and stones is like acupressure for the energy channels in the body.  This has been by far the most effective method I've yet to facilitate on clients in my 13 years of doing energy work.  

Through this work I began to speak my truth and vocalize the transmissions I received during treatments.  It is my intention that all that come through be in the highest most pure light, and that it be information that allows the client to walk this earth in a way that empowers their true essence and light within.  And so it is!