Food for thought, literally...

Last year I was inspired by one of my clients to donate socks and shoes to the homeless shelter.  My mother, sister and I went to the shelter in Santa Cruz that I volunteered at when I was 18.  I emancipated myself from home when I was just turning 18 and worked at Orchard Supply Hardware on 41st Ave in Capitola while finishing high school.  I shared a home with 3 college students so you can imagine food was scarce in our household.  I lived on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and top ramen and I actually looked forward to volunteering because amazing restaurants donated food and I knew I would eat a real meal those nights.  Many of my clients who have kids in college speak about the lack of nutritious food in dorms, so oddly poor diet is normal for young people and I was no exception.  

Maybe this is why at this time of year I'm often thinking about those who don't have a safe warm place to rest their heads, need food and especially the elderly who haven't been physically touched in a loving way by of another human.  I live a very humble life but I feel so RICH and have an innate need to help and I think about these things when I walk my dog and it's bitterly cold outside, or when I massaging a client or eating a beautiful meal.  This year my mom and I are planning to make it a tradition that we do together and having the ability to do this is an amazing feeling.  

One ways I show my gratitude for these things in my life is to "bless" them.  Now, I'm not a religious person but I had the rare opportunity to see Dr. Masaru Emoto speak 11 years ago.  He was a Japanese researcher who believed the human consciousness had an effect on the molecular structure of water.  He photographed frozen water that he spoke or wrote words on, infusing them with his thoughts, which some can interpret as energy.  Words like love and thank you.  He put this water on slides and froze it, then photographed it.  The photographs are beautiful.  They look like hexagon snowflakes, each word creating a different effect.  His work was on display in subway stations and he wrote many books thereafter.  Dr. Emoto calls this blessing the water.  Call it what you may, it wasn't until I was working on a client 2 months after seeing him speak that the light bulb went off.  If humans are 75% water, why can't I imagine love and thanks onto them as I am doing their facials?  And so I did and my work changed forever.  People started grabbing my arm and looking me in the eye, telling me they felt shifted.  Some cried.  People I never met before as I was working at the Spa Los Gatos at the time.  I KNEW it was working.  I took his philosophy and adapted it into my work and till this day it's a modality I use on clients.  

I'm telling you this because when I am served food I think about every person who touched that food and what it took to get on the table before me and for a lack of a more precise word with no dogma attached, I bless it.  Again, I am not a church goer- but the man who lived and was called Jesus was onto something and may have been one of the first "healers" of his time.  I'm grateful to be living in a time that we can proceed judgment and look at the story and the effects of these men's work without dogma but with the knowledge that can help us FEEL BETTER and maybe even help someone else too when we hug them or feed them or hand them a blanket.  



Mirrors aren't just for putting face creams on...

I don't often share my "story" with people.  Mostly because it shocks people when I tell them.  There's been 35 years of healing, guidance (angels) and miracles that have transpired.  So when I do share it's usually with clients or people that need encouragement when they are going through  something that makes them feel seperate or different than the rest of us.  We need reminders of how we are connected.  How this whole universe including the humans habitating it are connecteed through some shred of emotion, thought, movement or action.  We are connected.  I'm always reminded of this when I have a unpleasant interaction with someone.  Why is this happening?  What's my part?  How do I put more love into them or the situation, especially if I know I don't want a close proximity to them or it.  Am I triggered because this person is displaying a reflection of a quality I don't like in myself?  And if I can I honestly say no....What am I in judgement of?  Food for thought right?  This is the TRUTH & WISDOM from the ANCIENT Philosophies of indigenous people from all over the world, called THE SEVEN ESSENE MIRRORS.  And they say that which you are in judgment of will continue to show up in your life until you are no longer in judgment of it.  This is not easy medicine, but it speaks to me, and I hope it speaks to you.  It has helped me many times find the love that absovles all hate and seperation, taking personal responsibility for my life and my story.  We ALL have a story, but I wonder, does it define you or does it inspire you?