innate [ɪˈneɪt ˈɪneɪt]


1. existing in a person or animal from birth; congenital; inborn

2. being an essential part of the character of a person or thing

3. instinctive; not learned innate capacities



I often remind clients that we are animals on this beautiful planet.  Earth is so loving and giving with her energy and gifts from the ground.  She is abundant and fruitful and when we were children we had a primal instinct and curiosity for her.  So many of us have lost our connection to earth in these times of modern living and my favorite thing is watching people awakening to her.


Introduced to plant essences or essential oils in my 20's I had no idea how intregrated they would be in my daily life and work today.  Since working with therapeutic grade essential oils I've experienced my own healing' and helpings and I am deeply grateful to witness clients and friends have their own unique experience and relationship with these precious, extremely vital earth medicines.