I am delighted to be offering Mentoring sessions in HeartMath® Skills for Personal Effectiveness.

HeartMath® techniques have been a huge part of my personal transformational journey. I have been using these techniques for over 10 years and believe they have been instrumental in finding inner peace and a tremendous sense of resilience to face daily life's stresses in my life. The effectiveness of this system to help solve and resolve conflicts, increase the sense of coherence in life, and learn specific tools that can be used “on the go” to transform perspectives that are draining our energy. It is easy to learn and extremely powerful!

GOT STRESS?  Want to learn some resourceful tools in building resilience to stress OR making a shift from depletion from stress to feeling renewed?

OVERWHELMED or SPENT?  Have you forgotten what inner ease feels like?

Maybe it is time for you to learn some easy to do, on the go techniques that will get you back to feeling ease and relaxed.

Tell me more –

We will meet by phone in person for sessions.

During each session we will focus on:

  • what stresses challenge you

  • understanding the benefits of coherence and resilience

  • learning 4 different HeartMath® techniques that build coherence and resilience

  • setting goals for making the changes you want to see for yourself

  • tools for building resilience and effective decision making

  • steps to learning Coherent Communication techniques

How does it work?

HeartMath® Institute has been doing research since 1991 on the relationship between the heart and brain.  They have discovered that the heart plays a significant role in governing how we feel and think.  They have harnessed this information and created tools and techniques that help people self-regulate and empower themselves into not just reducing stress but creating new pathways of living from ease, joy and deep wells of energy.

*Individual sessions are $125 per hour