What is Energy OWNERSHIP?


Energy Ownership is being responsible for the energy that you are sending out to other people/animals/plants either CONSCIOUSLY or unConscIously. It’s sent out via our thoughts or verbal spoken word. voCabulary and language has a massive impact on our own lives, boDies and energy FIELDS and also has an impact on Our Friends, family and cOmmunity MEMBERS too. So what messages are you sending YOURSELF and what are you SENDING others? at times of hardshipS likE death, divorce. Illness, etc, we have been conditioned to think & say thing like, “poor boy/girl,” “I feel so bad for them,” or “I’m sorry.” it’s coming from a place of love, concern Or care And usually Entangled in the emotional Energy of shOck, sadnEss/sorrow, worry or guilt. most people don’t know what to say during these trials And say things just because they feel they need to say SOMETHING and This usUally puts more added stress on the person experiencing the hardship. I want to shifT this the social norm And Teach people how to manage their energy from a more ethical place.

To give your positive or negative attention to something is a way of giving energy. The most damaging form of behavior is withholding your attention.
— Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of Hidden Messages in Water

Example: a family loses a mother or father, people who attend FUNERAL Are EMANATING pitty on the children of the parent. This pitty energy is TRANSFERRED to these children. Later in life theY STRUGGLE with issues around victimization. Instead, we can imagine that they are loved, that they will help others.


The brain processes approximately 28 billion bits of information per second. only 5-9 single bits of that information is processed on a conscious level. That means things are happening that our eyes cant PERCEIVE. wifi is a perfect example of an energy TRANSFER that cant be seen with the human eye.

The heart generates the most powerful electromagnetic field in the body. Its electrical signal is 60x greater than that of the brain, and its magnetic signal is 5000x greater than the brain. It is also the most sensitive electromagnetic receptor in the body. The heart receives and sends electromagnetic signals within a 12 foot radius of the body. The heart is the first organ in the body to receive and to interpret these signals.


Respect their process

lIsten & hold space for this person to speak or not

Be present and let them know they are not alone

ask If you can help in any way

If emotions come up, breath and imagine or sense them grounding into the earth to be transmuted

VISUALIZE the person RECEIVING love, totally healed or laughiNg

Books i recommend:

language of emotion, karla mClaren